R.J. Van Seters Company Ltd. has been involved in a wide range of water displays including large computerized displays, floating fountains, water novelty and animation, exhibitions, civic and commercial fountains.

North America

The North American project comprises the United States and Canada, two countries known for their diverse landscapes, strong economies, and shared border, fostering close economic and cultural ties.

  • Bell Northern Research, Ottawa Canada
  • Canada Post Head Office, Ottawa, Canada
  • Canada’s Wonderland 360 Acre Theme Park, Toronto, Canada
  • Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
  • CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
  • Devonian Gardens, Urban Indoor Park, Calgary, Alberta
  • Federal Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Canada
  • Governor General’s Mansion, Ottawa, Canada
  • Metro Hall Plaza, Urban Square, Toronto, Canada (Brisbin & Moorehead Architects)
  • Niagara Falls Parks Commission, Niagara Falls, Canada (Several Fountains)
  • Ontario Place Waterfront Theme Park, Toronto, Canada
  • SkyDome & Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada
  • Sparks Street Mall, Urban Development, City of Ottawa, Canada
  • Windsor Casino – Computerized, Animated, Colour-changing Fountains & Cascades (WZMH)
  • ARCO Tower, Dallas, TX (I.M. Pei)
  • Buck Research Centre for Aging, California (I.M. Pei & Dan Kiley)
  • Church Street Mall, City of Burlington, Vermont
  • Corning Riverside Park, Corning, NY (Dan Kiley)
  • Disney Fantasia, Miniature Golf, Orlando, FL (Forrec Consultants)
  • First Bank Place, Minneapolis, MN (Pei, Cobb, Freed Architects)
  • Floating Peace Fountain, Detroit River (Windsor/Detroit)
  • Fountain Place, Dallas, TX (200 fountains, 6 acres) (I.M. Pei & Dan Kiley)
  • Louisville Floating Fountain, Louisville, KY (Largest of its kind in the world)
  • Paramus Centre, Shopping Complex, Court & Winter Gardens (Michael Van Valkenberg), USA
  • The Canadian Embassy, Washington D.C. (Arthur Ericson – Architect)
  • The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. (I.M. Pei & Dan Kiley)
  • Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (Moorehead, Fleming, Corban Architects)
  • University of California, Berkley, CA (Peter Walker, William Johnston)
  • Warner Bros. Office Tower Atrium, Washington D.C. (Pei, Cobb, Freed Architects)
  • Waterfront Plaza, San Francisco, CA (Peter Walker)

Middle East and Asia

Project includes the United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, Hong Kong, Israel, and Jerusalem, encompassing a blend of diverse cultures, economies, and geopolitical complexities within the Middle East and Asia regions.

Partial List of Projects
  • Bahai Gardens, Mount Carmel, Haifa, Israel (Mr. F. Sahba, Architect, ARC Vancouver)
  • Bank of China, Hong Kong (Palmer & Turner Architects)
  • Canadian Embassy, Beijing, China
  • Emirates Project – Convention Centre, Hotel, Shopping, Landscape, Dubai,
  • UAE (NORR/Giffels)
  • Exchange Square, Hong Kong (Palmer & Turner Architects)
  • International Trade Centre, Barcelona, Spain (60 fountains) (Pei, Cobb, Freed Architects)
  • Jerusalem City Hall & Civic Square Buildlings & Gardens (Richard Diamond Architects)
  • International Trade Centre, Barcelona, Spain (60 fountains) (Pei, Cobb, Freed Architects)
  • Jerusalem City Hall & Civic Square Buildlings & Gardens (Richard Diamond Architects)
  • The Grand Plaza, AbuDahbai, UAE (Arthur Ericson & NORR Architects )
  • United Arab Emerites Telephone Towers, AbuDahbi & Dubai, UAE (Arthur Ericson)


European project, renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse landscapes, representing a significant part of the European Union and offering a unique Mediterranean experience.

Partial List of Projects
  • Belgium Pond
  • London, England
  • UK



Ontario, CANADA